• "Embracing my long, straight hair" with Jen

    Before I owned part of a haircare company I had short-ish, above-the-shoulder-length hair that I could easily get away with infrequently brushing as it didn't tangle much.
  • New Year, Natural Hair!

    I've only ever successfully stuck to one drastic new year's resolution in my life back in 2017 (going vegan). I don't like the idea of "New year, new me" but I do like the idea of "New Year, improved me". Although I do acknowledge that's far less catchy. But even so, it doesn't stop me from taking the opportunity to set a goal at the start of every year. No matter what the outcome is, it's still an opportunity to make a positive change in your life.
  • Plastic-free Christmas Ideas

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also a time of a lot of waste. Here are a couple of tips for a plastic-free Christmas that you can use this year or save for next festive season.