Plastic-free Christmas Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also a time of a lot of waste. Here are a couple of tips for a plastic-free Christmas that you can use this year or save for next festive season.

Get an "alternative" Christmas tree

We have moved our Lusid Beauty HQ into the Curly Bar salon in the Tāmaki Makau-rau CBD just in time for Christmas. We would be remiss if we didn't decorate even if there's only a couple weeks left of the festive season.

Enter Matt and Tom's ply-wood flat pack Christmas tree!

Close up of Matt and Tom's logo

To quote their website: Matthew and Thomas are twins who both have Down syndrome. Their parents have created Matt and Tom to give them opportunities to be constructively occupied and motivated when they finish school. Matt and Tom will help support Matthew and Thomas's futures.

The tree looks gorgeous in our new salon/HQ!

Matt and Tom's Plywood Christmas tree in Lusid HQ

"Alternative" Christmas trees have been growing in popularity over the last few years. And there's many perks to them. A flat-pack tree is a great way to save space but it's also plastic-free. And, in this case, you also can support a local small business.

Check out their website here, their Instagram here, and their Facebook page here.

Make your own Christmas crackers

When I was growing up, my Mum would fill her own Christmas crackers for our dinners every year. There are so many perks to this- you get a toy that you actually like that isn't just a lump of plastic, the jokes are funnier, and there's less waste. There are many tutorials if you look for them on Pinterest. My mum would tie the ends with ribbon and encourage us to snap the snaps only instead of ripping the whole ends off of the crackers like you have to with the bought ones.

Buy plastic-free gifts

Lastly, you can buy your loved ones plastic-free gifts. And I bet you can guess what we'd recommend... Lusid Beauty! Our products are for all hair textures and types, ages and genders.

Support plastic-free, support small business, support local this Christmas. This can be through your gifts, your decorations, what you serve for Christmas dinner, or your tree. Our tree might not have been up for very long this year but you can bet that it will be up for many more years to come!

Meri Kirihimete!