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Coo Coo for Coconuts!

Let me introduce the yellow Lusid Beauty Volume Enhancing range. 

Containing lightweight coconut milk and organic lime essential oils, this range is not only delicious- but it literally leaves you with holiday feeling beach hair all year round.

The secret is in nature’s purest texturiser- sea salt. 

The combination of these carefully selected and tested ingredients make this product range particularly ideal for daily use, and is oil absorbing. Think- no more greasy build up. Just beautifully shiny, healthy hair that is full of body and bounce without getting weighed down- period.  

If you are already acquainted with this gorgeous product, you no doubt are already seeing amazing results and loving your hair!

If you aren’t familiar, keep reading to know all you need about this gorgeous bar. 

I create all Lusid Hair products around the simple understanding that hair is made of proteins and moisture, and that healthy hair is a balance of the two. The exact balance is dependent on the hair type- because finer hair has a different balance to thicker curly hair and thus different needs. 

If you are inclined to choose to a volumising product, then you probably have fine very straight hair. In this case your hair might tend to get greasy very quickly and you may be used to daily washes to keep the oil away. (And your shampoo probably contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-SLS)

While this will do the job of cleaning your hair, it is also stripping your hair of natural goodness, and you may find over time that your hair lacks shine and body. 

The straighter the hair the quicker it tends to become greasy- and so, moisture is generally not a problem for straight haired folks (I am the complete opposite, but that is a different story). This is because straighter finer hair allows oils to slide down the hair shaft easier than curlier hair- hence the frequent washes. 

Here is a breakdown of each main ingredient. 

Hydrolysed silk protein: Ultra fine hair needs protein to strengthen and reconstruct damaged hair. The volumising range contains just the right amounts of hydrolysed silk proteins for that extra boost. 

Organic Coconut milk: Coconut oil has been no stranger to essential hair care ingredients for centuries, and for good reason. It provides vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourish the scalp. Coconut oil is typically used in formulations for thicker hair owing to its density. But why should we have all the fun? I wanted my finer-haired friends to experience the benefits of using coconut oil to improve their hair’s condition. That is why I selected coconut milk. It is super lightweight yet nutrient dense- coconut milk will add essential nutrients to your hair while balancing moisture levels.

Mild Surfactant: Unlike harmful and harsh SLS, this range contains plant based SCI (sodium cocoyl isethionate) and Sodium cocosulfate which is a larger molecule therefore unable to penetrate the skin. It is therefore more suitable for more regular uses, has been proven to be safe for sensitive skin (again, because the molecule can’t penetrate the skin). They are also both derived from coconuts- Can you tell, I am coo-coo-crazy for coconuts! 

NZ Sea Salt: A natural volume enhancer. Do you ever wonder why your hair looks better after swimming in the ocean? Think of having beach hair no matter what the season. Salt opens up the hair cuticle, and makes the strand appear more plump creating a textured look. 

Lime Essential Oil: Lime and coconut go hand in hand, and as far as delicious scents, these two are a match made in holiday heaven. Believe it or not, the scent combination was sheer coincidence because the main reason I chose lime oil was its ability to regulate oil secretion from the scalp. A bonus grease eliminating boost!

Tip: Daily cleaning is probably a must for you. Try not to scrub your scalp too hard when shampooing, especially daily. Allow yourself time to adjust to using new product. 

Style Tip: A blunt cut for your hair type will give the illusion of thicker hair.

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Until next time, keep up consuming consciously! 

xo Tash

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