Lusid Rainbow Campaign


Why are we crowdfunding?

We are crowdfunding to enable us to launch the remainder for our bar range to enable us to scale up our business. We have been struggling to meet demand of our full product range despite reducing our bar range at the start of the year.

Our production constraints have been significantly impacted by Covid-19 through the entire supply chain with delays and price increases due to shipping in addition to our production manager and founder (Tash) currently being away on maternity leave.

We have launched our shampoo and conditioner bars at our warmer end of our rainbow hair spectrum (for thick to medium thick coily/curly hair) but need some crowdfunding help to launch the remainder of range which is suitable for medium to fine curly/wavy hair and thick to medium and fine straight hair as per our Lusid Rainbow hair spectrum.

Lusid Rainbow


What products are we crowdfunding?


How does it work?

All you need to do is commit to a presale purchase of a pack of 3x of the same bar and you will receive a 20% discount. We will aim to raise the funds by 31.10.21 with the target of selling 40x 3-packs across the remaining bar range to enable us to proceed with external production to complete our Lusid rainbow.

When will I receive my crowdfunder order?

If we meet our target, this will be booked into our local supplier's production schedule in early November for production this year. We will confirm a delivery eta closer to the time.

What happens if you do not meet your crowdfunding target?

This will be entirely dependent on how much we do earn from our crowdfunding initiative. We have 5x products in our range to be moved across to our new Lusid Rainbow Spectrum. We will get as much of our remaining Lusid rainbow range manufactured externally in order of product demand and release each product as they become available rather than all at once. So you will still receive you presale order but it may take longer for us to send this out to you depending on whether you product has the lowest demand in the remaining range.

Other ways to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign for the Lusid Rainbow

For those whom wish to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign but do not wish to presale bulk order shampoo or conditioner you can purchase our Lusid Gift Cards. These are available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100. Our gift cards will be emailed out to you as we are planet-friendly and wish to contribute to saving our trees.

You can also add a donation to our crowdfunder at shop checkout to a value of your choice with your Lusid order.