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How long does a Lusid shampoo or conditioning bar last?
This will differ depending on how frequently you wash your hair and the length of your hair. 1x 72g bar is equivalent to 1x 500ml plastic bottle.
Which shampoo and conditioning bar is best for me?
Try our Quiz if you are not sure of your hair type.
How do I use my shampoo or conditioning bar?
  • As a bar; rub stripes of shampoo on the scalp. Begin to lather up using fingers, adding a little water at a time for more of a lather. Add extra product for thicker hair. See video here.
  • For conditioner rub on to mid-lengths and ends of hair and finger comb down from the bottom, working upwards. See video here.
  • As a liquid; cut a small amount of the bar off for a single use, melt, add hot water and whisk. Allow to cool before use. You can watch tutorial here
How do I best store my shampoo and conditioning bars?
For best results we recommend to store shampoo and conditioning bars between use somewhere they can 100% dry out (away from moisture). 
Do your products have harmful chemicals in them?
No our products are free from harmful chemicals and are sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free and of course plastic free!
Are your products vegan friendly?
All of our products are vegan friendly except for our Frizz Free; which has Manuka Honey in it.